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We are Lakeridge Electrical Services. Locally owned and operated by Eileen Kelly and Douglas Robertson.

As fully licensed Red Seal Electrical Contractors, holding Masters Electrician, and Fire Alarm credentials in Regional Municipality of Durham, and outlying regions. We understand the electrical needs of our customers because we live here.

We will provide you with a concise, no nonsense quote for any residential services you require.

Our combined over 40 years experience encompasses, residential, commercial, and industrial sector experience.

Additionally, we love kitchen renovations because Eileen has designed kitchens for over 20 years and can explain electrical needs that you may not be aware of. Nothing is worse than having to go back into a wall after your major cabinets are installed because that one switch should have been placed there before hand, or because that extra wire was not run.

Residential expertise includes all major and minor renovations such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, where we can assist in the design of both your kitchen and your electrical requirements. Basements renovations, panel changes, hot tub electrical installation, overhead lighting, pool electrical installation, welding receptacles: you name it, we can wire it!

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Do you require a smaller job such as chandelier construct, and installation, or a new receptacle? Perhaps that switch needs to be placed in another spot but you cannot find a contractor to come for the smaller jobs. You’re in luck, we love those jobs too!

If you require troubleshooting for those lights and receptacles that suddenly worked yesterday, and don’t today: we will work for you until we find the issue. We have several years experience in troubleshooting electrical issues. Lots of times there are connections that have become loose for one reason or another, and we will not only correct that problem, we will ensure that the rest of your home is safe, by finding the root cause of the problem.

Yes, we work safely to commission and terminate aluminum wiring. Heat and vibration can loosen these connections over the years, and we only have your safety in mind when correcting aluminum wiring issues.

We promise to provide you with timely, quality workmanship and we have electrical solutions to suit most every budget. We pride ourselves in providing budget friendly quotes so that our customers will call us back again and again as their needs require.

Call 905-259-4443 for a FREE no obligation quote today.